referral program

  • 7%-first level
  • 2%-second level
  • 1%-third level

Our referral program has three levels of payouts: 7% for the first, 2% for the second and 1% for the third.

The important thing to clarify here is how we define each of those levels. Investors that join our program using your referral link directly are in your first level.
The second level is for investors that join using a referral link from any investor in your first level. And the same goes for the third level. Your third level
is populated by anyone who joined our program using a referral link belonging to somebody in your second level.

The percentage tied to each level is the amount you will gain from each deposit a referral of yours makes. For example, if somebody in your first level deposits
$1000 you will be entitled to $70 as a bonus.

Another important thing to mention is that your bonus applies to all of the deposits your referrals make, and not just the first one.

You do not have to be an investor yourself to be eligible for the bonus. An active deposit is not required.

You can find your referral link in the members area. You will also find some banners you can use on your webpage therein, if you have one.

If you have more questions
please do not hesitate to contact us.